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  • Founded in 2017, QuintanaTown Consulting is a writing consultancy devoted to the development of full-length scripts, stories, and other creative projects, college/graduate program/artistic statements and applications, resumés, cover letters, and beyond. 

  • Your voice is yours alone. Through one-on-one writing consultations and workshops, we’ll hone in on what makes your vision singular and lead you toward a piece of writing that sings you brightly from the page.

  • Current standard rate for one-on-one consults is $150 per hour (with an hour minimum) or a negotiable flat rate for specific project needs. Sliding scale available upon request. 

  • All consults include in-line comments, a letter of feedback, and a half hour (or more) video conference or call (in person available, depending on location and COVID-19 precautions).

Recent Reviews

"As a TV writer and feature writer who has written for ABC, Netflix, Disney, Dreamworks, Apple+ and Mattel, I hired CQ after working with her on an ABC show. CQ is a master of tone, structure, character development and plot logic. She served as a sounding board for my ideas and vision, asking questions and optimizing their execution on the page. She also instructed me on how to deepen and clarify my world, genre and character's wants. Working with her is a joy!" 

---Nayna Agrawal

"After first working with CQ several years ago, I continue to consult with her on my plays. Her feedback is always detailed, thoughtful, and encouraging. And her questions and concerns about character and plot allow me to then bring the play into deeper focus. Most of the time, her questions and concerns are not ones I would have ever thought of myself- which is why she's invaluable to my writing process. Whenever I consult with CQ, I always have a much more focused direction for the next draft. With CQ's help, I continue to grow as a playwright." 

---Sohyun Kim

"CQ is so clear and efficient in highlighting the most important parts of your job history. She helped me simplify my resume while making sure that it would stand out amongst a stack of other applicants. Absolutely the best!" ---Stephen Agosto

"CQ is as efficient as they are insightful (which is a rare combo to find). If you are in a moment of your pilot development where you could use a skilled & experienced outside perspective to help clarify the structure & narrative you are grappling with, I highly recommend CQ!"  ---Ita Segev

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